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The residents of the congregate care center come from diverse backgrounds and have differing needs. Each one is a unique individual, a child of God. Although they have severe mental and physical disabilities, they are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential with the assistance of the Retreat staff. Our emphasis is on providing a nurturing atmosphere where residents learn skills necessary for everyday living, and where they have the comfort and security of a home-like setting.

Our interdisciplinary professional team, along with the residentís parents or guardians, creates an individualized habilitation plan tailored to each resident's need. This plan focuses on all aspects of the residentís development, including educational, emotional, medical, social, and spiritual needs.

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In the 1980ís, the Eastern Christian Childrenís Retreat acted on its commitment to promote community integration with the inception of group homes for adults with developmental disabilities. Each home is committed to helping residents achieve their personal goals. Staff is present 24 hours a day.  The residents share the responsibilities of housekeeping, cleaning, laundry, meal preparation and gardening. Each resident has numerous choices in leisure and recreation including, sports, attending movies, concerts, ball games, picnics, day trips, and vacations. In addition each resident may attend worship services, and be involved with local church groups  The residents also attend work, volunteer assignments, day programs or workshops during the day.

Group home living offers adults with disabilities special opportunities for friendship, and for being a part of their community. Residents also have the dignity of making personal choices and taking the responsibilities involved. This arrangement helps to foster self-esteem and individual growth in all areas of their life.

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The Eastern Christian Childrenís Retreat is contracted by the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities and other state and county agencies to provide respite care for children and adults with multiple disabilities. Private pay individuals are also accepted. Respite care is a temporary stay, which gives parents or guardians the worry-free opportunity to take a vacation, to undergo hospitalization, or to deal with a family crisis.

While in respite care, the individual becomes part of the Retreat family, participating in appropriate Retreat programs or services and staying connected to community supports. The length of respite stay is variable according to the individualís needs.

For complete information about respite care, please click here or contact Jane Lieber at the Retreat Administrative Office at (201) 848-8005.